Walle Standing


WALL-E (Waste Allocator Load Lifter- Earth Class) is a robot that cleaned the Earth while the Earthlings were in the Axiom. He resembles a smaller, more cubic version of Johnny-5 from Short Circuit. He is the main character in the movie and was set to the assignment of cleaning the Earth, which was sadly polluted in the future. He is the only WALL-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth Class) left after nearly 700 years, and due to this, he has attained a curious personality of his own.

WALL-E has survived for about 700 years by replacing parts salvaged from other broken-down WALL-Es. He had made some kind of porta-garage into his home, cluttering it with various things he had found that piqued his intrest. It is evident in the movie that he is a robot suffering from lonliness after 700 years, for he records the same music from the same show. The show is viewed from an old, battered TV, connected to an iPod. The show is a very old classic, considering the year the movie takes place in, called "Hello Dolly". He is inspired into romance after watching the "Put on your Sunday Clothes" music performance. After this, he is constantly clasping one robatic "hand" in the other.

His urge for romance is satisfied when a sleek, modern robot depicted as a female named EVE comes along.

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